Electric Guitar Repair

             As a seasoned veteran in the music industry, Matthew started Stonewater Guitar because of his passion for re-connecting musicians with their beloved instruments. He believes that a proper set-up can be the difference between success and failure for the young budding musician and that a renewed finish or an updated instrument can re-invigorate the love of music in even the most seasoned player.

What is Stonewater?

Stonewater is a grassroots guitar repair shop dedicated to breathing new life into old instruments and optimizing your favorite daily player. You're playing at your best when the sound you hear resonates with the instrument you have in your hands. The inspiration and wide smile that ensues is priceless.


Who is Stonewater?

​Matthew Orloff of Stonewater Guitar Repair proudly comes from a long line of Luthiers. Instrument repair, refinishing, and design have been passed down amongst the Orloff family for generations.

    Matthew has been active in the Music industry for 15 years as a guitar player, bass player, nationally recognized EDM artist, and a record producer. He studied music therapy as well as music history and has 15 consecutive years specializing in stringed instrument repair and adjustment. Matthew has spent time as an Electronic Dance Music producer and record label owner, where he has been acting director of A&R. His additional talents lie in percussion adjustment, refinishing, and live sound production as well as product and artist promotion.